Long Lasting Relationships With You and Your Horse

Haymarket Veterinary Service strives to exceed client expectations by offering outstanding customer service, along with compassionate care. We are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients and providing complete, prompt care to every horse. From routine wellness visits, to complex performance concerns, to the most urgent of emergencies, we are there for you.


I appreciate the excellent health care for my horses across the gamut of types of issues they’ve had over the years.  All of the vets I’ve seen have been so attentive and helpful, providing so much information as I’ve learned how to care for a horse.

Gail B.

Love the personal touch feel from the entire staff.

Gina S.

Prompt service – quality care – attentive to owner and horse – caring and compassionate. You guys have been wonderful to work with.

Jody B.

I appreciate how HVS is so thoughtful and caring. I have had a couple instances where I needed emergency help and HVS was quick to respond and showed genuine care, concern, and empathy.

Cassie S.

HVS has provided us with excellent service. ER farm calls are answered immediately and a vet shows up, ASAP. All vets and techs are informative, gentle, and compassionate with our horses. Highly recommend!

Patty B.

Very responsive and you go above and beyond with your care and dedication. I never have to worry about the care of my horse. With HVS, I know she is in the best of hands.

Lauren S.

The office staff is awesome! Very friendly and helpful. The vets are terrific – helps me to make informed decisions about my horses. Offer suggestions and advice, which I find very helpful.

Stacey B.

Overall great communication and pleasant people to work with. It sets you apart!

Lucia D.