Why don’t you make appointment times?

We keep an open, flexible schedule so we may better accommodate emergencies that arise during the day.

Can you see my horse if I’m not home?

Yes, during normal business hours the vet has an assistant with her in the truck which allows us to see your horse even if you cannot be there.

What payment do you accept?

Cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Why do I have a balance if I paid at time of service?

The statement printed out in the truck while the vet is on the farm is a is not complete until the vet finalizes the invoice at the office.

How can I get my Coggins forms?

We have switched to an electronic Coggins service via GlobalVETLink.

How long is a Health/Shipping Certificate good?

The standard Health certificates are good for 30 days after your horse is examined by the veterinarian. Usually we recommend getting your horse examined for the health certificate the week before you travel.

Do you keep my horse’s x-rays on file?

Yes, we keep any x-rays on file for at least 7 years.

Can I return medications?

Unfortunately due to current regulations, we are unable to offer refunds on medications once they have been dispensed on the farm.

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