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When we vaccinate your horse, we take into account your horse’s age, environment, and frequency of travel. The vaccines which we consider “core” (or those diseases that your horse can contract even if they do not travel outside their own stalls) in our practice are the following:

3-way (Tet/EWEE): Protects against Tetanus/Eastern and Western Encephalitis (annual)

  1. Rabies: Protects against Rabies Virus which is not treatable (annual)
  2. WNV: Protects against West Nile Virus (boosted spring and fall)
  3. PHF: Protects against Potomac Horse Fever (boosted spring and fall)
  4. Other importance vaccines are dependent upon your individual horse, and their risk factors for contracting these viruses. These vaccines include:

Protects against Influenza (flu) and respiratory rhino-pneumonitis. Typically horses that are <20 years old or horses that travel or live with horses that travel need this vaccine. (boosted in spring and fall)


Protects against strangles. This vaccine has a higher risk of side effects, so horses should be tested before vaccination if they have ever been sick with or exposed to strangles. (annual)


Only protects against Botulism toxin B, there are other Botulism toxins. We recommend this vaccine if horses that eat round bales or in endemic areas. (annual)

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