Vaccination Questions Answered!

Spring vaccine season is approaching and with it comes the quandary of what vaccines does your horse actually need?  Here is a quick vaccine guide and the answers to your most common questions: Is there a standard vaccine protocol for every horse? No!  We tailor vaccines to the individual horse/barn.  A horse’s location, use, lifestyle […]

June’s Journal-Snakes!

June’s Journal in August! Let’s talk about snakes!  What do you know about them?  I had to do some homework on this subject since there are no snakes in the office!  The vets were all talking about snakes after one of the horses got a snake bite right on the tip of his nose!  Seems […]

June in July!

  Hi Friends of Haymarket Vet Service!  It’s June in July! I’ve been hanging out as the official Haymarket Veterinary Service office kitty mascot for three years now, and I just celebrated my fourth birthday! In my time in the office,  I have picked up a lot of useful information.  I have decided to start […]